At my ripe old age there aren’t many firsts I can still claim, but last week was my first ever snow day.

After hearing the weather warnings, and watching the first snowflakes fall on Sunday I wasn’t particularly expecting anything dramatic. It was definitely zub zero which I realised when I opened my window that evening and saw a small but perfectly formed icicle hanging from my ledge.


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As I woke on Monday, I listened out for the morning traffic sounds that I usually hear as I try to drag myself into conciousness, but I heard nothing and it was eerie. I sleepily switched on the TV and as the presenters chatter tripped in and out of my sleep state I started to tune into what they were saying….. “TFL have suspended all bus services and there are major disruptions to all train lines” – that definitely woke me up! As I sat up to clear my head and fully process the news, I was quite baffled – were they talking about London? Surely not – the buses always run – but they said TFL so it must be – only one way to find out.
I got out of bed, went to the window, and couldn’t see out of it (my bedroom is converted attic space so my windows are big skylights which were completely covered in snow!!!). So I had to go down to the next floor to see just how serious this bus stopping snow really was….. I was very impressed.
It’s often been said that snow has an incredible purifying effect and it’s absolutely true. My average looking suburban road was transformed into a peaceful and pristine endless stretch of dazzling whiteness. My garden and all those around looked like that cliche Christmas postcard we’ve all been sent – all that was missing was a church steeple towering in the background.
What most struck me as I stood at the window was just how bright it was – I know what happens to a room when it’s painted white and it was the same, but amplified and on a huge scale. Considering the dreary views we’re usually subjected to, the brilliance of the landscape and the difference it made was breathtaking and surprisingly put me in a great mood that lasted the whole day.
Needless to say, I along with millions of others didn’t venture further than my front gate that day – snow is great when it first falls and when you’re looking at it from somewhere warm…