It’s January (oh yes Happy New Year!!) and it’s cold, actually scratch that – it’s freezing. Really, properly, thermostatically freezing. At this point it’s been snowing quite consistently for the last few days with no sign of stopping.
In central London you’d be forgiven for thinking, ‘What’s all the fuss about? There’s no snow! What do you mean people can’t get to work!’ Well in my neck of the woods (bang inbetween the borders of London and Surrey) there’s real snow. Inches of the damn stuff that’s making life precarious.

I live on quite a busy road so at the moment the driving conditions aren’t too treacherous. But you have to skate along the pavement in order to dig your car out of it’s snowy blanket, and as soon as you turn onto a quieter street, you better keep your wits about you. In a word – icy!

Conversation with myself yesterday “Cars are supposed to go straight aren’t they – why yes – hmm, so why is Hortense (the name of my beloved car) trying to do an involuntary diagonal up this street???”


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Anyway – last year’s February snow caught most of us off guard, and I promised myself it wouldn’t catch me again – but of course it did! After a day of trampling and sliding around in the snow with no discernible grips on my boots, then seeing what the snow residue did to the leather on said boots – I knew I should have bought those wellies I saw in Aldo last autumn.

Of course when I went back to Aldo they no longer had any wellies. After a few hours (and various shops later) still nothing.

I was clearly one of the last people in London to think about purchasing wellies, as everwhere had either sold out or only had random sizes in stock. But the happy ending to my story is that my feet and I are happy and most importantly dry, because the last pair of beautiful violet Hunter wellies (Thank you Millets, Kingston) were sitting waiting for me.

As much as I despise winter and all it’s offerings, rain, sleet, snow blah, these gloriously coloured boots will make me smile as I skid or splash about on my daily tasks.

We shall live happily ever after – don’t be surprised if you see me riding round town wearing them in summer cos I love em!

Keep warm people…