I found some months ago whilst working in the evenings that I’d feel a light pressure at the back of my eyes and find myself squinting unnecessarily. After changing and adding to my lighting arrangements with still no improvement I did a little research and came across these little marvels…

Easy Life – low energy daylight bulbs from www.easylifegroup.com

Their website says “equivalent to noon daylight, making them ideal for craft work, graphic design, art work or for anyone wanting the beneficial effect of bright, high quality daylight. Lasting up to 8 times longer, and using 80% less energy than standard bulbs”.

I have to admit – they speak the truth. All the bulbs in my home now give out a wonderful clean white light – no more unnatural orange oppressive glow for me.

Two reasons to get some for your home:
1. Your carefully chosen decor will once again look how you intended it to (or you might realise that your rooms are in need of an update)
2. If you go online and buy a pack of four bulbs, you get another four free!! (at the time of writing this post!)

These wonderful bulbs really are the closest thing to daylight you’ll get with the curtains closed.