A celebration of culture that reflects influences from around the world and is mainly built up around handcrafts and textiles. If you are a frequent flyer this is a great way to showcase treasures from your travels.

Accessories: you’ll need a strong emphasis on handcrafts and natural forms. Candles are popular especially chunky ones in various sizes. Woven baskets, carvings and pottery are important details. Natural objects like pebbles, stones and interesting wood cuttings can be used to form sculptures. Pieces that have been collected on memorable trips will also add to the charm of a global scheme.

Fabrics: natural fibres are very important and rich effects are created with texture and/or designs. Handcrafting, rich embroidery and printed patterns all add to the look. The types of patterns you go for will depend on the culture you’re drawing from. This is an ‘easy’ style so don’t worry about symmetry, keep the look relaxed and effortless.
Flooring: opt for textured and you can incorporate patterns. Slate and terracota tiles are often used with rugs for additional pattern and warmth. Detailed and intricate mosaic flooring is a big look too, even if it’s just a subtle trim to the edge of the floor.
Furniture: items should look handcrafted and unique (one offs). Elaborately carved wooden details or made from bamboo or woven grass – the emphasis is on practical and durable pieces. Conventional sofas can be used and covered in appropriate fabric to tie in with the rest of the room.

A 'global traveller' styled bedroom

Types of accessories that will fit into this scheme