Dare I say it out loud and jinx it? Yes! Spring is finally here!!!

My second favourite season – it brings the flowers and trees back to life and we (hopefully) start to see more colour in the world. As the weather starts to improve and more light comes through the windows, people tend to start looking at what needs doing at home.

If you’re tackling the indoors, you should know what I’m going to suggest you do first… yep, declutter! My mission to exterminate clutter (which started here) rages on.

After a good and proper clearout, chances are you’ll feel energised and will be raring to take on anything else that needs doing. Getting started is the usually the hardest part.

Carpets and curtains can look like new after a deep clean. Metal or wooden blinds and wooden/laminate floors will gleam like the day you bought them with some attention and elbow grease.
Swap your cushion covers and throws for brighter colours, or bolder patterns. Re-cover your dining chairs, bean bags or footstools and give them a whole new look for relatively little cost.

a quick and easy injection of colour



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Do you have a chest of drawers or a side table starting to look tired and unloved? Treat them to a facelift with a new coat of paint, some new handles or a sleek vinyl covering.

Rearranging your furniture (space permitting) is another great way of giving your space a different feel and helping you to look at the room in a different way.

Have I sown a seed? I hope so. Have a quick scan of your home and you could surprise yourself – there are lots of little things you can do that could make a big impact in your home.

What will I be doing first? Well, my windows are displaying the serious after effects of snow, rain and general grime, so if you’ve got any old newspapers going spare…



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