In my world Sunday is usually crammed with various things to do, people to see, places to get to, basically all a little bit rushed. Fortunately this Sunday was different. I very happily had nothing to do and nowhere to be so took the opportunity to potter around the house and do whatever I felt like – bliss.

So after a very long and very indulgent lie in I pulled my sewing machine out of its deep hibernation and made use of some very old fabric I acquired (I say acquired because I regularly come across metres of fabric I never remember buying).

These cushions are small (14 x 14cm) but I’m pretty sure this pattern would look just as good at any size. I bought the cushion pads from ikea months and months ago so I’m sure they were feeling mighty neglected, but methinks they’re now rather pleased with their new ‘coats’.
I really wish I had some more of this particular fabric as they turned out much nicer than I’d expected.


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Then after all that back breaking hard work (ok not back breaking in the slightest) I caught up on some reading.

I love my subscriptions dearly but when I don’t read them fast enough they quickly become a menacing tower of print. I always seem to be two months behind these days.

So that was my wonderfully chilled day, what did you get up to? I hope it was a good one.



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