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So you’d like to know some more? Well alright.

I’m an interior designer passionate about beautiful spaces, and I create vibrant, unique and practical spaces for everyday life.

I love colour, light, and functional design and work best with people who see design like I do – something to enhance the everyday and to have fun with – brain surgery it ain’t…

My design philosophy.

“Everyone deserves a beautiful home”.

I truly believe that a well designed, fit for purpose home can seriously improve your quality of life. I also believe that your home should be:

  • your sanctuary and happy place
  • a welcoming space
  • somewhere you’re proud to show off
  • a true reflection of you – magazines are great for inspiration but let’s talk about what YOU like.

If you feel the same and are thinking about redecorating, then get in touch or just go ahead and arrange your FREE one hour consultation today.

To get an idea of my kind of beautiful and to get a feel for my design aesthetic, check out my Pinterest boards and say hello over on Facebook or Twitter