Hello there! How are ya?

Short version…

My name is Delali – welcome to my piece of the internet. A slice of colour in a neutral world.

I’m a colour-loving interior designer and certified coach who lives for vibrant, bold and personality filled spaces.

Want the long version? Get comfy and read on…

I was the child constantly rearranging her bedroom ‘just because’. Creating rooms out of cardboard for my Barbie (I never got that Dreamhouse), making paper furniture and playing around with layouts. I had no idea what interior design was, I just reeeally enjoyed coming up with different ways to use the same space and figuring out how to make everything fit.

Fast forward to choosing my degree and there weren’t many interior design courses to choose from (we’re talking about the mid-90s here). Interior design wasn’t mainstream, and my parents were like “You can’t make a living from that, choose something sensible”… So I went ahead and chose a ‘sensible’ marketing and communications degree.


Degree completed, I got a job and got on with life – but that pull to interior design was still strong, so four years after graduating from uni, I found a home study interior design course and got stuck in. Just under two years later I earned my diploma.

A year or so after getting the diploma I was made redundant from a job I hated (whoop!) so took the opportunity to get some hands on design experience.
After many, many rejections, I secured a nine month internship with a boutique interior design studio in south-east London.
They were awesome and encouraged me to get involved in all aspects of their projects. I took on a couple of clients through them, with their support and then went on to have my own clients in the following years.



I wrote my first blog post way back in 2008!
Though my early posts are pretty cringey, and the blog (and name) has changed over time, they make me smile, because even though I had NO idea what I was doing, or why – this blog was a much needed creative outlet for me.

Though I was ridiculously inconsistent, it gave me the space I needed to experiment and figure out how to share the things I loved about interiors and design. I had no idea that I’d still be here all these years later – but I’m very happy the blog has evolved into a colour haven and place of inspiration for anyone who wants more than white, beige, cream and grey in their life!

Through it, I’ve also been lucky enough to work with some great companies, sharing products and ideas and hopefully inspiring you, my fabulous readers to decorate a little louder.

If you made it this far (well done!) thanks for reading! Still got some energy left? Then head over to the blog

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