Birungi Designs

When it comes to decorating your home, ya know I’m all for filling it with pieces that show off your personality, cos I mean, your home should look like it belongs to… well, you.

Birungi Design
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Enter Birungi Designs – beautiful paper cut art, invigorated by African textiles.

Birungi Designs

As with most things these days, I discovered this greatness on good old Instagram.

Birungi (the lady behind the work), cleverly mixes African fabrics with her artwork in a way that really brings her pieces and subjects to life.

Birungi Designs

Birungi Designs

At the end of last year as I was about to buy one of her pieces for a friend – out of the blue, Birungi got in touch and offered me a bespoke piece for myself. Ain’t life wonderfully random sometimes?!

As well as creating pieces fuelled by her inspirations, Birungi makes ‘afro-portaits’, by turning people into their own artwork. Confused? Stay with me…

All I had to do was send a picture of my profile and within a matter of days I was the happy owner of this funky silhouette!

Birungi Designs

I love it!
When I shared the afro-portrait on my Instagram feed, people said they knew immediately it was me – pretty good right?

So, fancy some of your own African infused artwork? I mean why wouldn’t you…

To find out where Birungi is exhibiting or which events she’ll be attending, keep up on Instagram – and don’t forget to check out her Etsy store to see the whole collection and new pieces as soon as they land.


**disclaimer – the afro-portrait (silhouette) was a gift, but as always, I only ever share the products and brands I genuinely like and think you will too!**

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