Colourful Christmas decorations

colourful Christmas decorations

Ok, so I tried, but there’s no hiding from the fact that it’s December.

No longer can I hand out death stares when people use the ‘C’ word. It’s officially upon us and there’s no stopping the train.

Though I’m known as Scrooge/The Grinch to my friends, I do appreciate how much others love and look forward to this time of year. So in that spirit, I’ve decided to put my colour sharing powers to good use and help you Chrimbo fans have a colourful Christmas.

How can I do this you ask? It’s all about the decorations people.

Colourful Christmas decorations

Are you someone who likes to add a few new decorations every season, or maybe you’re starting from scratch this year (I haven’t had a Christmas tree for about 11 years – gasp)…
Is it time to side step the traditional colour schemes and treat your tree to something fabulous? I think it is.

I’ve rounded up a few decorations to satisfy your Christmas colour cravings.

colourful Christmas decorations1. Love, love, love these hand-painted ceramic baubles by EatPrayPedal. Pretty decorations and little pieces of art.

2. If you like a little bit of tradition with your colour, then this ceramic star from Oliver Bonas is for you.

3. Every year Pedlars treat us to these fluorescent beauties and every year I’m happy about it.

colourful decorations

If you prefer block colours but don’t want everything looking ‘samey’, then texture is your friend.

1. Ombre + design detail, that’s a yes from me – A by Amara.

2, 4, 5 and 6. So I’m not going to lie here, Poundland surprised the hell out of me with their range of baubles. they’re giving us lines, shapes and shine – well played.

3. Not overly colourful, but the shape and diamond patterns keep it interesting – West Elm.

7. Traditionally ornate and not what I thought I’d like, but I do! Who knew seed pearls and a peacock colour palette would be so good? From The Farthing.

colourful decorations

So you want to throw all convention and tradition out the window? I hear ya and I support it!

1, 3 and 5. Paperchase are just so good at kitsch! These are just a few pieces of their great range.

2. Never not thinking about summer? Same. A flamingo on a Christmas tree? Absolutely. From West Elm.

4. Looking for a twist on the expected – I give you Kurt S. Adler’s surfing Santa at Amara.

6, 7 and 8. Put these on your tree and watch people try and figure out your tree decor. All at Amara.

And finally – I have to give an honourable mention to W. A. Green for stocking some of the greatest decorations I’ve seen in aaaages.

colourful Christmas decorations

Fab right?

Head over to their site to peep the full selection, but unlucky for us they sold out with the quickness!


So what are your decorations looking like? Do you stay true to Christmas past or are you down for a tree so bright you won’t need any lights?!


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