Dulux Ultra White

Last week courtesy of the very nice folks at Dulux,  I took a trip to their Ultra White House here in London to check out the new ‘Ultra White’ paint.

It was a bright sunny day and the ultra whiteness started from outside.

Dulux Ultra White House

According to Dulux, Ultra White is ‘”a high performance paint which combines its toughest and brightest formulations, a brilliant shade of clean, crisp and white designed to create a feeling of spaciousness – and it’s washable.”

The house was painted (as you’d expect) wall to wall white and styled with colourful pieces that contrasted beautifully against the sparkling backdrop.

When it comes to an all white or predominantly white scheme, I’m always torn (if you recall me discussing it here).

The introduction of colour with substantial pieces (like a sofa) really helps to break up the expanse of white and makes a ‘white room’ seem more achievable.

Visitors to the house also had the chance to get their nails done courtesy of nails inc.

And then they were even nice enough to give us a lift to the nearest station!


In terms of being very, ok – ‘ultra’ white, this new paint certainly lives up to its name. Whether or not it stands up to the true test of staying white, I guess time will tell.

Have you got your hands on a tin yet?

Dulux Ultra White is part of the ‘Added Value’ range and is available now.

All photography by Delali Foli.

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