Giveaway time!

Happy 2019 you beauties!

I decided to kick off this blogging year with something for YOU, my wonderful readers! It’s giveaway tiiiiime.

If you’re reading this, then congratulations we made it, not only through 2018, but through January too – yay us!
It’s been a slow but steady start to the year for me, how’s 2019 treating you so far?

If you caught my Instagram stories earlier this month, you might have seen the epic declutter/clear-out I did. My local charity shop got a few bags of goodies and the recycling centre got a load too.

Then there were a few other bits – bits I’d received from press events that have never been used, or just not my style but too nice not to be loved by someone.
So I’ve decided to give six of you lovelies a late (or seriously early) Christmas present!

What’s up for grabs?

1. Katie Alice – tea for one gift set

A dinky teapot and matching cup. A cute little tea set for your favourite brew, perfect for when you’re feeling fancy
(there are two of these, so two people will get one each).

2. Zandra Rhodes for Heal’s – limited edition cushion cover

The fabric (Top Brass 2) originally designed for Heal’s in 1963 by Zandra Rhodes, was re-released in 2014 in her signature pink colourway.
The cover is 41 x 41cm (cushion pad isn’t included).
Tip: get a cushion pad that’s 46 x 46cm for a nice, plump, well stuffed cushion.

3. Sara Miller London for Portmeirion – teacup and saucer

A teacup and saucer from the collection that “showcases colourful birds in an enchanted garden setting”.

4. Royal Albert vintage teacup and saucer

I think you’d have to drink from this in your prettiest, most flouncy dress and your pinky finger raised.

5. Sara Miller London for Portmeirion – mug

An ‘opulent owl’ mug from the quirky range that features animals and gold accents.

This giveaway is now closed!

The winners were:
Katie Alice tea for one – Amina T and Anita V
Zandra Rhodes limited edition cushion – Susan P
Sara Miller cup and saucer – Abby O
Royal Albert vintage teacup and saucer – Lynsey R
Sara Miller mug – Ozge D

Congratulations lovelies!

  1. I would like the pink teacup and saucer (but to be honest it’s all lovely). I’m a fan of kitsch and it would give my house a much needed touch of class. ;)

  2. I love 2 of these items because I am greedy and they are related to tea!!!
    The Sarah Miller London for Partilion which would suit Mr Williams.
    For myself the Kate Allen tea set for one is super cute I love the colours and intricate artwork.

  3. I love love love, the Sarah Miller items. Quirky yet sophisticated. I think the teacup and saucer is my favourite although that regal owl with the gold is also tugging at me! Great items all round would love any of these in my kitchen ????????????. I’m definitely helping with your next declutter…

  4. Morning!

    I’d love to gift number three to my number one mum for being the bravest human I know. I can guarantee that she’d be knocked out by the design of it – it is so beautiful! Oh, and it’s her birthday next week too. Thanks Miss. D.

  5. Please please please can I have the Sara Miller London for Portmeirion – teacup and saucer because they’re pretty, birdlike and delicate just like me *snorts*. It would also look awesome in a photo shoot with whatever cake I’m showcasing at the time!!

  6. It’d like the Portmeirion mug because i’m a new mummy and i need lots (…and lots!) of coffee to keep me going through the day!

  7. Katie Alice tea for one

    Because I love tea and love the colour and design of the set – oh did i mention I love tea ❤️

  8. I’d loveeee either of the sara miller pieces. Perhaps the cup and saucer is my favourite
    All the love x

  9. Sarah miller tea cup and saucer, because I’m a lady and like to drink from a real cup and the colours are giving me life ????????

    Kate Alice is a close second ????????????????

  10. Yum yum yum to the Katie Alice tea for one set. It would remind me that though I live with a tween who smells like socks and a farting four month old, I’m still a laaaadeeee… ok, well the lady part is a stretch but I LOVE tea and I tired of making it in my old big mug. Xxx

  11. The first three items and the fifth one also. Such beautiful pieces, if you’re giving these away I would LOVE to see what you kept! Haha.

  12. The Sara Miller teacup and saucer is my favourite, and would be a perfect first cup-and-saucer set for my apartment. :-)

  13. I would like either of the Sarah Miller. The cup and saucer as I have just painted my living room that colour & if you are going to be bold you might as well go all out. The cup because who does not need an owl of fabulousity in their life!

  14. ‘Sara Miller London for Portmeirion – teacup and saucer’

    Besides reaching my 40th year on Earth, I would love to win this tea set, as the birds of colour would represent the freedom of life that I current experience, the dripping gold would represent the ‘money moves i will be making in 2019’ and the teal colour of the cup, to show my work colleagues, white mugs are boring, colour(s) is everything!

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