How to choose colours? Part two…

So, now that you know your way around a colour wheel, have you decided on a shade that you’re happy with?

No? Well if you’re still not entirely comfortable or convinced by your selection, then there’s one more thing you can do. How to choose colours with confidence and make that final decision?

Look at colour psychology. Yes I’m serious and no it’s not as hardcore or as in depth as it sounds.

So you’re thinking colour psychology? Stay with me…

Why do TV studios have green rooms, why do fast food chains favour red over other colours? Because green is said to be one of the most relaxing colours and red is apparently an appetite stimulant!

Breaking down the elements of a colour could help you find the most suitable one for your space. Here’s an example of a few of the most popular colours.

how to choose colours

RED – a colour with very emotional connotations, namely anger and love. Red is bold and obvious. People tend to shy away from using red in a space, but the best (or easiest) way is as an accent, pick a few carefully placed accessories or go for a statement piece of furniture. The right shades of red can work perfectly in a lounge or a bedroom, which I talked about here.

how to choose colours

GREEN – one of the most popular colours used in decorating, green represents nature. It’s very easy on the eye and as I mentioned is calming and refreshing. Dark green has masculine, conservative connotations and in years gone by was said to imply wealth and symbolise fertility. Green is great for a  bedroom, reading room (ok reading corner), home office/study or a chilled out living room.

how to choose colours

WHITE – a universal representation of innocence, cleanliness and purity. White reflects light and maximises natural light. It’s light, inoffensive and goes with absolutely everything! People tend to stay away from white for fear of having to spend every hour of the day cleaning, but you just can’t beat a brilliant white room. For me, kitchens and bathrooms look their most beautiful in pure white, but probably not the most practical of options for most people.

how to choose colours

BLUE – is another popular decorating colour and is said to have the opposite effect of red. So choose blue if you’re after a peaceful and tranquil space (there are lots of blue bedrooms).  Take care though as some shades of blue can feel cold (as discussed here), but research has shown that people are more productive in blue rooms (study, home office etc).

PURPLE – choose purple if you want your room to scream opulence, luxury, wealth and sophistication. It is also feminine and romantic so could be perfect for a sumptuous bedroom or a dramatic living room.

BLACK – is a strong colour, it’s power and authority. If you’re using black you’ve got to be as confident as it is. Used correctly it’s timeless and stylish. The simplest way to use black is in accents, accessories and textiles against a light background. Black will look great in any room of your home.

Now you’re nearing colour expert status!

Have you ever considered colour psychology or the meanings and interpretations of colours?

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