Light up your life

In this part of the world it is still very much winter (my least favourite time of year as you know). Being cold isn’t nice but it’s the dark that really gets me down. Dark when you wake up, dark before you get home, dark, dark, bleurgh.

Other than escaping to a tropical paradise (sigh), what can we do get some light back into our lives? Buy some of course!


Love the colour and shape of this Bo Concept table lamp


This IKEA floor lamp will give off a great diffused light


Really liking this ‘Ring of Light’ lamp from Anthropologie


This Laura Ashley lamp would make a stylish accent to a room


If you like to make a statement this John Lewis one’s definitely for you


Floor standing lights or table lamps, you choose.

Bringing some extra light into your space won’t just brighten the area, but can also help you create a cosy or relaxed atmosphere or help to define a reading, study or hobby area.

If you like the look of any of these, check out my Pinterest board for some more lovely lighting.

So come my friends, let us fight the darkness together!



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