Living in colour

So here we are firmly in 2018 – we made it, yay us!

I’ve decided to start this blogging year a little differently by sharing with you, what living in colour actually means to me.

If you’ve looked at my logo in any detail you’ll see ‘living in colour’ under my name. Rather than being a fact at this point, it’s more of an aspiration – because living in the UK means fully living in colour can be pretty challenging.

We do grey very well, but you’ve reeeally got to go out of your way to find the levels of colour that my soul needs!

So I live for summer and sunny holidays when I get to recharge my internal solar panels and get my fill of the incredible colours that only seem to exist when the sun is doing its thing.

living in colour
I achieved peak colour hunting in Ibiza, at the Patchwork Restaurant

Day to day (and especially in the winter months) I try to satisfy my cravings by surrounding myself with colour in any way I can.

And when it comes to my taste in interiors, homewares and products, I’m naturally drawn to strong colour and patterns which are the things I love sharing with you guys and recommending to clients who are up for it.

living in colour
IKEA’s limited edition JASSA collection had me wanting to empty my accounts

I find that lots of people appreciate colour, and want to use more in their homes, but are too nervous to give it a go or have been successfully brainwashed into thinking neutral/scandi is the only way to live.

This year I want to answer your questions in a more formal (but hella casual) way, here on the blog.

I get asked for advice in my social media inboxes for example, but I realise this isn’t the most efficient way of helping people, especially when some of the queries are quite similar.

So this is where YOU come in – are you a frustrated colour lover, ready to break through the beige? Or just ready to shake things the hell up this year?!

If this is you, holla at me. Leave a question in the comments or email me – hello(at)
Send me your colour questions and let’s work on getting some of your vibrant personalities reflecting in your homes, right where they belong.

Here’s to a fabulously colourful 2018!

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