Zandra Rhodes summer 2015 collection

We’ve done our thing with the clocks and adjusted life accordingly. Easter is a hazy (read boozy) gluttonous memory – and the weather this past few days has been glorious… BUT because I’m a lifelong Londoner I will resist the urge to proclaim ‘spring has sprung’ because as we all know it could well be snowing next week….

But, ever hopeful and with the second best season firmly in sight – over the next few posts I will be taking you on a spin through some noteworthy goodies from various spring/summer homewares collections available on a high street (or online) near you.

So here we go….


If I said ‘Zandra Rhodes’, what’s the first word that would come to your mind?

Pink hair? Ok that’s two words… Bold? Colourful? Luxurious? Dramatic? Probably all of the above.

Known across the globe for her daring and very ‘visible’ clothing, Zandra Rhodes has also over the years, been blessing us colour lovers with pieces for our homes and let me just say, the designs that make up the summer 2015 collection are exactly what you’d expect.

Let me introduce you to Blaze, Trixie and my favourite Opal…






The fact that they sound like a three piece folk band makes me like them even more.

Were you looking for a big dose of spring/summer colour in your life? Well here you go – but let’s face it these would look good any time of year.

The Zandra Rhodes summer 2015 collection will be available throughout the UK from early July onwards, check online for your nearest stockists.



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